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Recently, the depreciation of the yen has not stopped, and the value of the yen is declining. It is not normal for the exchange rate to fluctuate by about 2 yen per day. It is becoming difficult to determine when volatility will occur. If the yen continues to depreciate at this rate, prices will continue to rise, and there is concern about inflation. When the price of things rises, the value of the yen falls relatively.There are some people who fail to invest due to the above-mentioned unstable market, and the price rises make their lives difficult.

In addition, the “20 million yen post-retirement fund problem” is also a major problem in Japan. Labor income alone will not allow us to survive in the era of 100-year lifespans. If you don’t know about investment, there will be a difference of tens of millions of yen. In order to solve such problems, we want all customers to live a rich life. We launched GrandBlue Forex with such a wish.All of our employees will do their best to support all of our customers.

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